What motivated me to start a business

Two years ago, I launched Light Animations together with my wife.fbprofile

It was the first time either of us had started a business. We had zero knowledge in startups… accounting… cashflow… growth… all the things you would think you needed to know before starting a business.

We had just had our second child, our first was still a toddler. We had also just moved into a new home and we had hardly any savings in the bank.

So you can imagine, it wasn’t the ideal time to start a business.

But, looking back. I don’t think there was ever a better time to start.

My wife Kavitha says it best. A friend asked her about this the other day, and she replied:

If we had waited to have more money in the bank… if we had waited till the kids were older… if we had waited till we were ready and risk free – we would have never launched the business.

Because the truth is, there is never going to be a time when everything will fall nicely in place.

There’ll never be a better time to start than right now.

This post by Chris Guillebeau was the article I read one morning – while still in bed – that pushed me to register our business, build a website and get the word out to as many people as I knew. Three days later, we had our first lead from 16,336 km away (yes, I googled it). Our friend Kamales Lardi from Zurich needed someone to help with an animation job, and bang! there was our launch announcement on Facebook. She contacted us on Facebook, we had a Skype meeting and very quickly this turned into our first project and… we’ve never looked back since.

So, if you’re sitting undecided about whether or not you should start your own business. Go read The six-step plan to establish new income by Chris Guillebeau, go get inspired and go get that first sale.

Go on. Make it happen.

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